Frank Lenart

2008 - German Song Lyrics, Disney's TARZAN the Musical, (Music and Lyrics by Phil Collins) German Production Hamburg, Theater Neue Flora, Stage Entertainment, Germany.

2001-2004 - Creative Director (Dubbing) for The Walt Disney Company - Disney Character Voices Germany.

1991-2007 - Wrote German Dubbing Scripts, Song Lyrics and directed the German dubs of Disney's Aladdin, The Lion King, Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hercules, Tarzan, Pixar's Monsters, Inc, Finding Nemo (only directed), The Incredibles, Chicago (only directed), Monty Python's Flying Circus (46 Eps. for SAT1), Howl's Moving Castle (2005) and many more. Extensive Radio Work. Official German lyricist of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

1974-2011 - Actor, Speaker, Dubber, Announcer (see below):

Film and Television:
(selected credits, complete list upon request) |The House of the Spirits|Supporting |Warner Bros. | |The Neverending Story II|Supporting |Warner Bros. | |Harry and Harriet |Supporting |K.S./Lisa Film | |Real Men Don't Eat |Supporting |K.S. / Lisa Film | |Gummybears | | | |Alte Suenden Rosten Nicht|Lead |ARD | |End of the World / |Lead |ARD | | | | |Deathstone |Supporting |Neue Regina Film | |Wagner (TV Mini Series) |Supporting |BBC | |My Fat Friend |Lead |ARD | |Was Waeren Wir Ohne Uns |Supporting |ARD | |A Song For Europe |Supporting |ZDF/ORF | |Derrick - Das sechste |Supporting |ZDF | |Streichholz | | | |Der Fall Walrawe |Lead |ARD |

Audi, Bayerische Vereinsbank, Maggi, Knorr, Der General, Mister Clean (Meister Proper),Sparkasse Austria, BMW, Procter and Gamble, Fruit of the Loom (yup, I was a purple bunch of grapes) and many more, including voice over.

(International and Los Angeles) (complete list upon request)
|A Night of Mamet |Litko and Ensemble |Magnolia Theatre Munich 2006 | |(Several Plays) |(Lead) | | |Measure for Measure |Lucio |Globe Playhouse Hollywood | |Henry IV Parts II & III |Supporting |Globe Playhouse Hollywood | |Mayflower (Musical) |Lead |Theater an der Wien, Vienna | |The Trial of Mary Dugan |Jimmy Dugan (Lead) |German National Tour | |Das Dreimaederlhaus |Moritz von Schwind |German National Tour | |(Operetta) | | | |Frühlings Erwachen |Robert |Munich Kammerspiele State Theater| |Godspell (Musical) |Jesus (Lead) |Munich Music and Theatre | |The Taming of the Shrew |Grumio |Munich Music & Theatre | |The Lion in Winter |John Lackland |Munich Music and Theatre |

Animation / Dubbing:
(complete list upon request) German:
|Finding Nemo |Jacques Shrimp and |Disney | | |Seagulls | | |The Lion King |Banzai (for Cheech |Disney | | |Marin) | | |Paddington Bear |Paddington Bear |ARD | |Bear in the Big Blue |Tutter the Mouse |Disney / Henson | |House |(Lead) | | |Home on the Range |Olly the Pig |Disney | |Talespin (Series) |Wildcat & Col. |Disney | | |Spigot | | |Monty Python's Flying |Dubbed Terry Gilliam|Columbia | |Circus | | | |Blue in the Face |Dubbed Michael J. |Paramount | | |Fox | | |Melrose Place (series) |Dubbed Doug Savant |ARD | |English: | | | Balloontoons Russia 2000-2008 OTVC Munich (2008) (Lead Krosh-Jumpy)
|Princess Lillifee |Poopsie the Pig |NDF Germany / UFA 2008 | |(2007)(Film) |(Lead) | | |Moonbear (Film and TV |Rabbit (Lead) |NDF Germany / UFA 2008 | |Series) | | | |Ben and Bella (English |Ben (Lead) |EDEL | |for Kids) | | |

Commercial V/O:
(all English!): MTV Int'l (8 ep. Show: Top Ten), Red Bull, Macdonald's, Arte TV, Audi TV, Siemens, Virgin, SAP, Bosch, Merck, and many more.

Languages: American Engl. (native), German (native). Education: Univ. of Maryland, Henrietta Harris, Dave Alexander, Ezra Stone, Steven Peck Dance L.A.

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